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This is all fictional!

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This is a journal of four different people: Ka, Daniel, Ty and Ron. They are all made up people. They are all gay. And they are each in relationships: Ka with Daniel and Ty with Ron. I will start and end each entry by stating which of the four are speaking. Questions? Drop me a line.

Ka-- (Pronounced with a long "a") Late 30s. Formally married to Marry-Ann when he was still in college (for the first time!) Has a grown child, Chad (who also married early), who's married with a daughter Danielle who was named after Ka's partner Daniel whom Ka has been with for nearly 10 years. He's finally gone back to school to get his degree. Hopes to be a journalist or some type of writer.

Daniel-- Early 30s. Former US Postal employee now attempting to be a high school english teacher. Recently got back together with Ka after spliting up over an argument about children. He wants them, Ka doesn't.

Ron-- Early 50s. Owner of Arties resturant. Former partner of Tony, who he was with for nearly 25 years. Tony died of AIDS about six years ago. Now is in a relationship with Ty, 25 years his junior.

Ty-- Late 20s. Student of advertising and graphic arts. He was diagnosed with AIDS about a year ago. Now in a seriouse relationship with Ron who is 25 years his senior.

Every once and a while a minor charactor might make an apperince and post his or her own entry in the blog. These too will be marked at the begining and end of each post as to who is speaking.


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