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Making Up For Lost Time - Queer Eye From a Straight Girl [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Honorary Gay Man

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Making Up For Lost Time [Sep. 25th, 2005|12:20 am]
Honorary Gay Man
[Current Mood |sadsad]
[Current Music |Elton John--Your Song]


Well, we made it to New Jersey...just in time too. Jim (my friend, who's sick) was released from the hospital because he's refusing to do the chemo any more. He says he's tired of fighting and he's ready for whatever's next. That makes me really sad...for me, but I understand what he means...I guess.

When Tony was really sick...and I mean REALLY sick, he felt like he just couldn't do it any more and he was "ready." They always use that word, "ready." Maybe one day I'll be "ready" to let these people go from my lives. Right now I'm not.

So Jim had this big party. He said it was sorta like a birthday party, only he was celebrating his entire life, not just the past year. I really admire the way he's handling all of this. I haven't heard him complain once.

::Sigh:: I just wish I had spent more time with him. We all get wrapped up in our own lives and forget about the people who helped us become who we are now. I've known Jim forever...since college...he never got married...he never found the right girl for him I guess. That always made me sad...that he never got to feel what I've felt. I think everyone diserves to feel love like I have at least once in their lives.

But, anyway, it's late. Ty and I are going over to Jim's tomorrow for lunch and to watch a movie or two. He doesn't have much longer...I want to make up for lost time.