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You Don't Know Jack - Queer Eye From a Straight Girl [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Honorary Gay Man

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You Don't Know Jack [Aug. 31st, 2005|12:07 pm]
Honorary Gay Man
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[Current Music |David Gray--The Other Side]


So I'm sure you're all wondering if I called that guy or not. Well, I talked over it with Ron that night and we decided that I should call him. I did, but he wasn't home at the time. He called me back later and we talked for a while.

Not about anything speciffic really. I don't really know much about how he knew my dad or whatever. It was mostly him asking me questions. In passing I meantioned that I was gay. (I think he asked me if I had a girlfriend or something, and of course I always answer that question with "no, but I have a boyfriend") and he said he was surprised, but didn't say why. Then he told me that he had had a partner but he had passed away during the AIDS epidemic. So I do know that little bit about him.

Which is kind of funny. Turns out my dad had a gay friend, and all these years after my dad passed away and after I realzied I was gay I always wondered how he would have taken it if he knew. My mom, when I told her a few years ago, said something to the effect of "I had a feeling this was coming, but that doesn't make it any easier". I don't think my mom's ever known a gay person...at least if she does or did she never talks about him or her. But I guess my dad would have been more understanding...which makes me feel better. But it also makes me really sad that I never told him. Not that I hid it from him; I just didn't know to tell him. ::sigh:: If he were alive now I'm sure he'd support myself and Ron. And that just eases my mind a bit. I wouldn't've been a "disapointment" to him like I seem to be to my mom.

As for Jack, I'm thinking that maybe they worked together. My dad worked in a bank. He was a teller. Jack could have worked at the same branch or something.

But I'm going to find out. Ron and I have been invited to his house for dinner. He said he has some pictures of my dad that he'd like to give me. I'm guessing that, if he does know him from work, that the pictures are work related...but dad didn't like getting his picture taken so I don't have very many pictures of him, so it'd be nice to have some. I'm a bit nervouse about dinner. I mean I don't really know who this guy is yet. Just that he's gay, and he knew my dad. Oh, I also know that he's unemployed at the moment. Dinner's going to be tonight...so if I'm not too tired when I get home from that I'll post an update.